Book Review- The Hurricane

Title- The Hurricane23354073
Author- R J Prescott
Pages- 300
Rating- 3.8 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- First book

This book, I’m not sure where to even start with this review. I guess I’ll start with our two main characters, Emily and O’Connell. Emily is a scared, quiet girl who works at a diner, and studies math at the university. She keeps to herself and doesn’t want to draw any attention. O’Connell is a fighter who doesn’t do relationships, and has his problems with his mother.

This story follows them and there relationship. I guess I’ll just start by admitting that I’m very torn about this relationship. I both love and hate it. To me the relationship felt very fast, and at times unrealistic, and during some scenes O’Connell was a bit too possessive. However, I didn’t hold that over him, because in the beginning he admitted that he was possessive, especially when it came to her. So, yes I had my problems with the relationship, but at the same time I found myself so invested in it. I wanted them to work out, to have a happy ending because with all the problems that they have, they deserve happiness.

What I loved the most about this story where all the other characters. Setumblr_m5xf3iAIYn1rv4pd3o1_250riously, I don’t think I’ve read a story, where I wanted every character to get there own story as well. I would absolutely LOVE to read a story from Danny, Kieran, Tommy, Mac, or Nikki.

Danny is such an AMAZING guy who all the guys at the gym look up to and respect. It’s not just the guys though, Emily adores Danny, and considers him to be a father type. Danny is always there for the ones he cares about and will do anything to help you.

I adore Kieran and well. He is such a fun loving guy, and I so think he and Nikki would be PERFECT together. Can we get a love story between them please?

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! The roma93ebc13ed80016aaa07861018512b3e1nce aside, both O’Connell and Emily had a pretty rough life, with O’Connell pretty much raising himself since he was a kid because his mother was always passed out drunk in her own vomit, and with Emily dealing with her very abusive step father. I’m honestly surprised these two wereKHart-Die-bitch able to find love.

And by the way Frank is a sick son of a bitch and I hate him so much! And Syliva is nothing more than a money grubbing bitch and I hate her.

Overall, it a was both a sweet, intense, and great read. I can honestly say that I’m excited to see what happens next!