Jin || ‘The Astronaut’

This is the song that I’ve been listening to on repeat since it came out. I love it! I just adore Jin’s voice, I love the vocals, and I loved the music video. It’s been on repeat since I’ve heard it, and it will continue to be on repeat!

Have you listened to The Astronaut?

My First ITZY Song!

I FINALLY decided to get into ITZY and WANNABE is the first song from them that I listened to and I think it was a great choice! Definitely a good one to get into! Now it’s time for me to get sucked down into the ITZY rabbit hole! Let me know what is your favorite ITZY song, or the very first song you listened to?

Goal number 1. Get familiarized with who is who!

Goal number 2. Listen to and watch all the videos!

See you on the other side!