Cover Reaction- Deep Redemption


This is the fourth book in the Hades Hangmen series! The cover was revealed yesterday, and I was so excited to see it! Like the other covers in this series, I’m intrigued, especially with who could be hiding behind the tree? tumblr_n2amb4vRsJ1qj4315o1_500

As of now, a synopsis hasn’t been release! What I do know is that we can expect this to be like the other ones in this series. A dark, but beautiful story that breaks your heart mends it together, just to rip it to shreds again! And NO I’m not being dramatic!

I’m so excited to read this story on July 12th, 2016! And if you haven’t read the previous stories, you should check them out! If you have read them, you can check out my reviews below!

Book Review- It Ain’t Me, Babe

Book Review- Heart Recaptured

Book Review- Souls Unfractured

Best Books of 2015

So I read quite a few books this year, and I thought it would be fun to share my Best Books of 2015! Now these books weren’t published in 2015, just ones that I read. I will start with number 6 and work my way down to my FAVORITE for the year!

Number Six: The Silence of Six by E.C. Myers23203542

This book was different from anything I’ve read this year, and I was surprised by how I much I really enjoyed it. It follows a boy named Max whose best friend Evan hacks into the live stream of the presidential debate being hosted at there school. He ends up killing himself, but not before sending Max a final message. From there he’s brought back into a life he thought he left behind!

12294652Number Five: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I won’t say much about this one because I did a review which you can check out HERE. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and found myself loving all the characters in this story. I absolutely adore Jase and his family!



Number Four: Under the Never Sky trilogy by Veronica Rossi

This serious is seriously so addicting. I was hooked from the beginning, and I read the trilogy in about a week. I fell in love with characters individually and together. Not only that, but the world that Veronica Rossi created is great!

Number Three: Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout13644052

I won’t say much about this one either because I did a full review as well, HERE. Also this is the fourth book in the LUX series and I don’t want to ruin in. Keep in mind that my review does have spoilers. I will say that I couldn’t stop reading this and I loved the ending so much!

Number Two: Article 5 trilogy by Kristen Simmonsarticle-5-series-banner

This trilogy was a complete and total surprise! From the first chapter I was hooked by the world and the characters! I absolutely loved the relationships and the characters and couldn’t put these books down!

and coming in at Number One is an author: Tillie Cole!

I 118discovered Tillie Cole this summer and have read six of her books so far. I absolutely adore her stories and definitely have to say that all of her books I’ve read have been my favorite this year.



Book Review- Souls Unfractured

Title- Souls UnfracturedSouls-Unfractured-Ebook-Small-641x1024
Author- Tillie Cole
Pages- 371
Rating- 5 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- Third book

The first and most important fact to mention is that this story is very raw and dark. It has a lot of mature content and I would highly recommend being 18 or older before reading this book. Another thing to mention is that this will have SPOILERS involved.

Tillie Cole really knows what she’s doing when it comes to these books! This book is breathtakingly beautiful, so much so that it almost brought me to tears. I was on the verge! It takes A LOT, and I mean A LOT for a book to get me on the verge of tears(I don’t think I’ve ever cried while reading a book) This book was so dark and emotional that I had to put it down for a bit. But not for long because I had to pick it back up to see what was going to happen.

This story follows Flame. From the first books you know that Flame is our resident psychopath, whom all of us readers couldn’t help but fall in love with. He’s definitely different from the rest of the Hangmen. He’s quiet, always cuts himself, and can’t be touched by anyone.

Maddie, like her sister, grew up in that commune and had the worst of the brothers. He was extremely violent and tortured her. After everything that she’s been through she has a fear of being touched by men.

From the moment8331744 Flame and Maddie meet in It Ain’t Me, Babe there was a connection. They’re both so tortured that you would think them even trying to be in a relationship would be the last thing that need, however it turns out that the two of them are exactly what each other needs.

Throughout the story we learn about both Flame and Maddie’s past, and let me tell you…it fucking broke my heart reading about there pasts. I knew that Flame had to have gone through something traumatizing, but when we found out what it was, it was heartbreaking.

Flame and Maddie are what each other needed and I’m so glad they found each other. With the help of one another they were able to begin fixing what has been done to them. Nothing can ever completely heal, but they’re workintumblr_m5xf3iAIYn1rv4pd3o1_250g on it together.

Besides Flame and Maddie, we also got to see more of Styx and Mae, and Ky and Lilah and I was so grateful for that. As much as I love Flame and Maddie’s story, my favorite couple is still Ky and Lilah! I really enjoyed getting to the psycho trio better(Flame, Viking, and AK) and I kind of fell in love with AK in this book, so I can’t wait to read his story!

Flame and Maddie touched my heart in this book, and I will never be able to forget them! If you haven’t yet read this series, then you’re seriously missing out on one of the best and most addicting series that I’ve read.

“I used to wonder how two people- one broken girl, and one broken boy- could ever move on from their dark and tortured pasts. But now I know. Together, that’s how. They fight their way through… together.”

Book Review- Heart Recaptured

Title- Heart Recaptured22107044
Author- Tillie Cole
Pages- 503
Rating- 5 out of 5
Companion/Sequel/Other- Second book

HOLY SHIT! I didn’t think it was possible for this book to get any darker or intense than the first book, but boy I was wrong! I also didn’t think I could love this story as much as I loved the first book, yet again I was WRONG! I can honestly say that I loved this book more than the first book. Another warning, this book contains VERY MATURE CONTENT, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND begin 18 or older to read this. Also this review will contain SPOILERS!!!

I honestly didn’t expect this dark of a story, but the story of Ky and Lilah stole my heart and broke it, put it back together, and shattered it again.

Ky, at the age of 27, is the VP of the Hades Hangmen Motorcycle Club, Styx’s best friend, and a complete and utter man whore. At the end of It Ain’t Me Babe, we see him and the rest of the Hangmen rescue Mae and her sisters from the commune, and ever since then he can’t seem to get the beautiful Lilah from his mind.

Lilah is a very damaged women after spending all her life in the commune and still believing everything that she’s been told. That she is cursed because of her beauty, and only The Order can save her. After being rescued she believes that she will never be saved. That she needs the commune to pure her.

3g0s3GvAfter a drunken mishap at the club, Ky gets into trouble with Styx and he orders him to show Lilah the world and what it’s like, but not to sleep with her. He was not happy with this at all, because he doesn’t want to “babysit” but soon comes to realize that he likes and wants to spend time with Lilah. Who would’ve thought that these two would end up being so perfect!

I absolutely adored reading Ky and Lilah’s story. They couldn’t be more different, as Lilah sees Ky as crude and vain, and Ky sees Lilah as bat shit crazy! However as they spend more time together they find out that there’s a lot more!

What broke me was when they finally seemed to be good, and FINALLY made love for the first time, Lilah couldn’t help but believe he was under her spell, and she takes off while he was at a meeting. She gets captured and brought back to the commune, and that’s when she realizes that everything there was wrong. She doesn’t belong there(although it’s a bit too late now.) The things that Lilah endured while being back in that commune KILLED ME, and reading how badly Ky was suffering knowing what she must be going through broke my heart. I had to stop for a bit because things got too heavy, but I couldn’t stop for long because I needed to know what woilovethemsomuchmishacryinguld happen.

The story of Ky and Lilah was intense, raw, dark, and heartbreaking, but all around AMAZING and has become my favorite. The Hades Hangmen books are quickly becoming an absolute favorite of mine! My Review of the third book Souls Unfractured will be up soon!