4 Ways I’ve Changed As A Reader

I’ve been a reader for a pretty long time now, and as you would expect over the years we change. So I thought I would share some ways in how I’ve changed as a reader.

1. I don’t want to own a lot of books.

Years ago, I wanted to buy all the books. I wanted to own a library and have shelves upon shelves of books. As I got older, that has definitely changed. Now instead of buying books, majority of the time I try to get them from the library or on my kindle first to see how I feel. If I love them, I will buy my own copy for my shelf. Now I don’t want to own shelves of unread books anymore. It’s a better feeling to me to have shelves of books that I have read and loved.

2. I LOVE ebooks.

If you asked me years ago what my preferred way to read books was, it would without a doubt have been physical. However over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a LOVE for ebooks. Now the majority of books I read are ebooks. It’s just much more convenient.

3. Audiobooks have become a thing for me.

Audiobooks were always a no for me. I have nothing against them, but for me I could never focus on the story when I tried listening to an audiobook. I would ALWAYS get distracted and then feel lost. If I’m being honest, it still is like that to this day. That’s why I have to follow along with the book if I’m listening to a audiobook. But recently I found myself listening to more audiobooks, and really enjoying them. Some books are just better as audio, and it can really make you fall in love with a story!

4. Open to reading more genres!

In my teen years I only read what I was comfortable with and what I knew I would enjoy. It was very easy for me to miss out on books that could be AMAZING, just because it wasn’t what I “normally” read. As I got older that has definitely changed! Now I read whatever sounds interesting to me, and if I like it, great. If I don’t…oh well. At least I gave it a chance! I’ve discovered so many amazing stories, that I probably would have missed out on.

How have you changed as a reader over the years?