I Have A Question Regarding Shadow and Bone…

I have a question…I just recently finished reading Shadow and Bone which I wanted to read before watching the show.

My question is does the show follow just the first book, or does it contain spoilers for the entire trilogy?(I know it has some characters from the Six of Crows series). I’m trying to figure out if it’s necessary to read the entire trilogy before watching the show, or not. Since I would rather not be spoiled for the rest of the books?

What are your thoughts?


Yes, I Journal!

Journaling for me is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. It’s the time where I can listen to music and have fun writing about things I have to do, my feelings, or just random pages.

Do I Journal Everyday?

No. And it’s that simple. I don’t journal everyday because I don’t always have things to talk about or pages that I want to do. I don’t think that you have to journal everyday. They’re times when I journal everyday, or every other day and so on. I also have times when I don’t journal for weeks or even months. It happens and it’s okay.

Do I Separate My Journals?

No. I’ve watched videos where people are using three or four journals at the same time for different reasons, and it works for them. However, that does not work for me. People have journals for their to do lists, life, reading, work, dreams, tv shows/movies, music, etc. And while it works for them, it honestly stresses me to have that many journals at once.

I use one journal for everything. And I mean everything. If I have to make a to do list, blog post ideas, random thoughts, feelings, tv shows/movies that I watched, books I read, music, my dreams, or just random spreads that I feel like doing, it all goes in one journal. For me it’s easier to keep everything in one journal.

Do You Journal?

I would love to know if you guys journal. Do you have multiple journals to separate work, life and so on? Or do you keep everything in one journal? What’s your favorite thing to journal about? Books? TV Shows/Movies? Music? Life in general?

Why, Hello There?

Well…it has been awhile…no you can definitely say it has been more than awhile. I honestly don’t know what to say. It kind of feels like I’m starting fresh since it has been so long. 

I'm back did you miss me after vacation | Im back quotes, Im back, Sayings

How was 2020 for you guys? I know, I know, what kind of question is that? You’re probably thinking “How do you think 2020 was?”Well, we all know that answer to that.

With being in quarantine, did you able to get a lot of reading done? Or maybe caught up on some shows or movies? Or something else? I read more in 2020 than I did in the last two years. Now it wasnt much, but it was more than I have been reading. I also caught up on shows like The Walking Dead. I love that show, but I fell behind, but I was finally able to catch up. I also watched a shit ton of K-DRAMAS! If you didnt already know, we love K-DRAMAS on this page!

I have some posts coming up focusing on books(of course). Some reviews, recent reads, and a couple other things. Also I will be doing some K-DRAMA posts as well. I’ll be talking about some of my favorite dramas, ones that I’ve been loving recently, as well as ones I’ve recently watched. I hope you will look forward to them! And I hope that you all are doing well in these crazy times that we’re living in!


Hey everyone! So I decided to make a fresh start with my blog. I have a blog over at Blogspot, and lately I’ve been having some problems with it. I’ve been on it for some time and have grew up a bit of a following, so it kind of sucks that I have to move, and lose everything. I was just having so many problems, I thought a fresh start would be best! I’m so new to wordpress, but I can’t wait to get get familiarized with it! I hope that you will love what you see!

Expect to see a BUNCH of posts upcoming because I I’ll be transferring some of my post from Blogger over to here. Again, I hope you’ll enjoy. And PLEASE leave your blog link below so I can check your site out!