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I FINALLY got around to starting The Last Hours trilogy by Cassandra Clare.

I’m about 150 pages into Chain of Gold so far and I’m enjoying it. I’m already invested in these characters and I’m so glad to be back at the London Institute. Also I just love the cover. It’s GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to continue on!

What are you reading?


One thought on “Currently Reading

  1. Anoushka March 3, 2023 / 12:32 pm

    Idjahdjsbd I can’t wait to read the last hours series MOSTLY BECAUSE THE HYPE ONLINE IS INSANE. But I also haven’t read a single cassandra Clare book yet AND MUST DO THAT?? (look I’ve started city of bones approximately 5 times in the last one year BUT I KEEP GETTING BORED AND PUTTING IT OFF?? it’s getting to be a problem like that) BUT AM SO SO GLAD YOURE ENJOYING CHAIN OF GOLD SO FAR AND AM DESPERATE FOR MORE THOUGHTS. fingers crossed its fabulous!!!!!!! I actually haven’t picked up a book from about a week so?? Am currently not in the middle of anything, unfortunately. BUT HAVE PLANS OF STARTING WRITTEN IN STARLIGHT TONIGHT SO WE SHALL SEE HOW THAT GOES.


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