Yes, I Journal!

Journaling for me is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. It’s the time where I can listen to music and have fun writing about things I have to do, my feelings, or just random pages.

Do I Journal Everyday?

No. And it’s that simple. I don’t journal everyday because I don’t always have things to talk about or pages that I want to do. I don’t think that you have to journal everyday. They’re times when I journal everyday, or every other day and so on. I also have times when I don’t journal for weeks or even months. It happens and it’s okay.

Do I Separate My Journals?

No. I’ve watched videos where people are using three or four journals at the same time for different reasons, and it works for them. However, that does not work for me. People have journals for their to do lists, life, reading, work, dreams, tv shows/movies, music, etc. And while it works for them, it honestly stresses me to have that many journals at once.

I use one journal for everything. And I mean everything. If I have to make a to do list, blog post ideas, random thoughts, feelings, tv shows/movies that I watched, books I read, music, my dreams, or just random spreads that I feel like doing, it all goes in one journal. For me it’s easier to keep everything in one journal.

Do You Journal?

I would love to know if you guys journal. Do you have multiple journals to separate work, life and so on? Or do you keep everything in one journal? What’s your favorite thing to journal about? Books? TV Shows/Movies? Music? Life in general?

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